Research & Articles by Lt. Col. Peter Winstanley OAM RFD (Retired), JP
Research, Interviews and Articles about the Prisoners Of War of the Japanese who built the Burma to Thailand railway during world war two. Focusing on the doctors and medical staff among the prisoners. Also organised trips to Thailand twice a year.
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H.S. (Mick) Kildey 11_of_12

H.S. (Mick) Kildey 2/10 Field Ambulance NX46015 - Medical Orderly on Malayan mainland and Singapore. Swiss Club, Manor House, St Andrews Cathedral - Changi - Roberts Bks Hospital-, With 'C' Force to Japan )Nagasaki) Nov 42 on Kamakura Maru then to Kobe. Dutch doctor Eichmann. Work in Kawasaki Shipyards for 2 and half years. To Camp 26 on Kyushu Island mining.

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